A virtual seminar on agriculture and the environment

GOB Menorca

How is a deserted farm in Monegros converted, without running water, into an abundant and profitable enterprise? The owner and farmer who has done this, Sergio Alierta, will explain from his first-hand knowledge. This is one of the experiences that was included in the documentary Kiss the Ground which shows how it is possible to film the progress of farm production that manages simply adequate rain water and cattle grazing. This opens the fourteenth seminar on Farming and the Environment organised by GOB.

The first day, scheduled for Saturday 30 of January, will also include the evidence of Carlos Moreno of Despelta, a small company that sells flour, pasta and legumes that are cultivated from ancient varieties of cereals and the rotation of legumes. Menorca could have many opportunities producing these sorts of basic foods.

The second day will be on 6 February and will include another two experiences. Enric Navarro will talk on the system of making productive kitchen gardens but keeping them pest free without toxins and learning how nature helps. He will explain the filming that takes place in the Argroecologic Park of Empordà. To close, Jaume Vadell, of UIB, will explain, in an entertaining way, the secrets of the microbiology hidden below ground and how we can work with it to increase productivity.

Because of the current situation of the pandemic, the event will be given remotely, but if the incidence becomes lower, there are two large halls for people who would be able to attend in person. In this event, those registered will be notified and the relevant health protocol will be given.

The Seminar on Agriculture and the Environment is a place for meeting with farmers, proprietors and consumers whose objective is to disseminate their experience and knowledge that help to make the farming sector economically viable yet compatible with environmental conservation. You can see all the information on this brochure.

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