Links Between Agricultural Practices and Biodiversity in Mediterranean Landscapes

By International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Mediterranean landscapes have been shaped by human presence for centuries. Numerous species in these landscapes depend on agrosilvopastoral practices to different degrees, however, the cultural practices in these systems are being lost as a result of different social and economic pressures. These pressures are threatening the biodiversity that is associated with the cultural practices. The culture and relationship between agricultural, pastoral and silvicultural practices that maintain or enhance the elements of biodiversity and, which currently persist, should
be enhanced/protected to contribute to biodiversity preservation in the Mediterranean Basin.


  • There are a wide range of cultural practices present in the Mediterranean agricultural systems. Many of these practices are proven to benefit biodiversity.
  • The positive impact of traditional agricultural practices is found across
    many countries in the Mediterranean
  • The Northern Mediterranean basin provides greater evidence of the positive effect that traditional agricultural practices have on biodiversity. The full effects of several cultural practices on biodiversity still need to be further explored.