Hima Kfarmatta Management Plan shows we are on the right track

Jamal Hamzeh, Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL)

9 July 2021
Participants at the five-day virtual and face to face workshop

In order to strengthen the Hima communal governance system for participatory cultural landscapes’ management and to ensure local community empowerment, stewardship, and engagement in the management of the landscape, SPNL and under MAVA “Cultural Landscape” Project has finalized a five years management plan for Hima Kfarmatta in Mount Lebanon.

Shows discussions at the workshop

After identifying a group of seven local conservationists/Homat Al Hima from the youth of the village, a five-day virtual and face to face workshop took place in April 2021 to finalize the management plan. The workshop was attended by the Mayor Mr. Nazir Khaddaje and a municipal member Ms. Raghida Haddad, in addition to key representatives from the local community.

The management plan focused on situation analysis, stakeholders’ analysis, and evaluation including problem and objective tree analysis, in addition to action planning with clear roles, responsibilities, and timeline.

On June 25, 2021 the management plan was presented by Jamal Hamzeh, Project Manager in the house of the village in Kfarmatta. Lots of positive feedback was provided from the municipality and the youth towards the interesting participatory work that was done, which resulted in a comprehensive management plan that is considered fundamental for the village in order to highlight the main problems, turn them to objectives, and elaborate all the activities that should be done for the specific years to come. Thus, setting a clear plan for the management of the site and helping in possible fund raising.

Shows discussions at the workshop

All photos by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL).

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