On the Move for Spring Migration!


Follow us during this long spring to see how mobile pastoralists maintain their lives in harmony with nature by migrating between their summering and wintering sites according to seasonal availability as they have been doing for thousands of years.

This spring will be a long one. We will accompany Bacak family of Sarıkeçili pastoral nomads in Turkey during their hundreds of kilometres spring migration from their wintering site at the shores of Mediterranean to their summering sites in Central Anatolia beyond the Taurus Mountains.

While the vegetation green-up with the coming of spring according to the elevation, Bacak family like all mobile pastoralists follow a wave of blooming flowers each day for at least a month as they keep moving up the elevation gradient.

With the posts we will share at each day during the migration we would like you to see how mobile pastoralists conserve and enrich nature; contribute to local economies; produce high quality and healthy food; contribute to the fight against climate change etc. And also their daily lives, joys, freedom and the challenges they face.

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Feature image: © Engin Yilmaz, Yolda initiative

First published on the YOLDA website: On the Move for Spring Migration!