The #MedFoodHeroes Cookbook

Recipes curated by environmental NGOs using sustainable ingredients from the Mediterranean

About #MedFoodHeroes

We believe the small choices we make in our day-to-day lives can have a positive impact on the environment and people. This cookbook is filled with Mediterranean recipes from the small sustainable producers featured in the #MedFoodHeroes @RootedEveryday campaign. Created by a core team of environmentalists who are working with projects, eco-regions and partners from across the Mediterranean.

The Med Food Heroes campaign promotes small sustainable food producers offering an alternative to contemporary unsustainable agrifood systems. The recipes in this cookbook celebrate the rich cuisine the Mediterranean has to offer without costing the earth. We believe you are what you eat, and every time we buy food we are making a decision, whether to consume food that helps people and planet or not. For many of us the food that we put on our plates is as much about ethics as it is about taste, and when you choose to shop from small sustainable producers you get the best of both.

Our mission is to reverse the loss of biodiversity which is caused when people stop cultural practices that have existed for generations. By working with Mediterranean critical eco-regions and partners we aim to show the value that traditional ways of life can have in protecting our environment. We are working with the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (MedINA) in Lemnos in Greece, the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) in the High Atlas mountains in Morocco, the Society for the Protection of Nature Lebanon (SPNL) and Al Shouf Cedar Society (ASC) in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon, WWF Spain, Associação Natureza Portugal (ANP | WWF) and Trashumancia y Naturaleza in the Dehesas and Montados in Spain and Portugal, and GOB Menorca on the island of Menorca. DiversEarth is also part of the core team looking at the culinary traditions of religious and spiritual communities.

Other campaign partners working across the Mediterranean are Yolda Initiative in Turkey and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The projects and campaign are funded by the MAVA Foundation for Nature.

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